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9 Month Mentor Program

 I’m excited to offer a 9 month mentor program for those of you who are called to social and environmental  justice and want to connect your own personal healing work to your role as agents of healing and change in business and in life.

This 9 month program begins April 16th and includes:

Skill and habit building in:

  • Strengthening capacity for deep listening – to others and to yourself
  • Grounding and deep nature connection – even in urban landscapes
  • Using your voice to advocate for meaningful change
  • Re-connecting to healing during crises of imagination
  • Allying empathy with boundaries and discernment
  • Fortifying habits of self-nourishment
  • Creating projects that are aligned with both your health and your values
  • Integrating trauma-aware presence in your life and work
  • Implementing community mentoring relationships

The process:

  • One 60 minute one-on-one re-patterning session per month – this is the deep dive into personal, family and cultural patterns that are barriers to living in full alignment with your values and mission. These sessions involve deep healing work that allows you more freedom to create from your values instead of from unresolved wounds. Healing and social justice in the world start with healing ourselves so that patterns of trauma end with us.
  • One 45 minute one-on-one integration call per month– this is an important time to process your deeper re-patterning session, connect dots and anchor in new practices, intentions and actions.
  • Unlimited coaching via email to support you as you form your intentional actions and integrate your healing work
  • Unlimited sharing of all the resources I use to help myself and others change personal and cultural patterns, learn to balance empathy and boundaries, and generate the fortitude to stay committed to working for social and environmental healing.
  • A personalized and evolving resource library  curated for you based on your particular interests and needs.
  • One monthly group call (recorded) to connect with, inspire and strengthen one another.

I’ve been listening for direction about how to merge my ability to identify and guide healing of  deeply rooted patterns with my strong call to social justice and peace building. It’s with gratitude and humility that I offer this mentorship. For now, I’m only offering 8 spots. I want to create an intimate cohort and make sure I’m able to stay committed to the level of  personal connection that I believe will best support meaningful healing and change.

Tuition: $3800 **

** A few words about tuition: Your tuition goes to support a modest personal income for me and will provide time and resources I’ll use to support a project I’m really passionate about: building a mentor program at our local high school. It’s my commitment to be in integrity and transparency when I am earning income from offering healing and mentoring work. If you have any questions about how I determine my tuition price and other rates for working with me, please ask! I’m dedicated to building a livelihood that is healthy for myself and my family, supports a regenerative pace, and allows me time and energy to volunteer my time and resources to meaningful community projects. Thank you for your support.

With warmth and gratitude,


If you feel called to join our spring cohort or just have a conversation with me about healing and social justice, I’d love to connect with you and hear what’s meaningful in your world, life and work. I have a few openings for one-on-one coaching clients too! You can schedule a time to talk, here:

Click here to schedule a time to connect.

Don’t have time to join right now, but believe in this work? Contact me about sponsoring a teen!

(310) 622-2797 [email protected]

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